This mustang became a very fun and interesting project.  It is the real deal, Eleanor bodied car and not a kit car, it was titled to “Unique Performance” in Farmer’s Branch, Texas.  Unfortunately for Unique, they crossed the US Government is a bad way.  We bought the body in white from an IRS auction and had it shipped to us.  As soon as it was here a gentleman stopped and laid eyes on it.

We had a deal to build a fun car right then and there.  Instead of FE power we built a roller cam’d, Kaase cylinder head 557ci big block ford hooked to a Tremec TKO-600 and all Heidt’s suspension.  He chose blue over the traditional gray and we agree it was the right choice.   The Mustang spent some time terrorizing the highways of north central south Dakota but a “ticket” at 135mph and the need to buy more farmland led to its sale.  We found a buyer in France and today it is raucous and obnoxious and living a life of leisure cruising the French Riviera.

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