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BTP specializes in making reliable power.  We make upgrades to your existing power plant, like aluminum heads, camshafts, carburetor, and up to “big” inch stock looking engines.  We can also make general repairs to your classic hot rod.

In this day and age of computer skilled technicians, finding a company that knows how an engine works is a rare thing.  You can’t just plug in a scanner to tell you how to service points ignition on your high RPM 302 Z/28, adjust a carb (or two or three) on a Six Pack 440 or set valve lash on a solid lifter 425hp 427 Yenko SYC.  This skill set is simply not taught today.

We have a combined total of over 60 years of experience working on classic cars.  That being said, understanding how a motor actually works DOES apply to late model performance too!  We can correctly cam, stroke, supercharge your new hot rod versus just reading it on the “interwebz”….real performance gains for your money

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