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Transmissions…growing up in a transmission repair shop, we are well versed in the classic transmissions.  Running a PowerGlide based transmission in our own blown alcohol six second Yenko Camaro….gives us another level of what lives behind 2,000 ft/lbs of torque.

Does your 1955 Chevy just rev too many RPM’s on the highway to enjoy long distance cruising, well we have options 1) late model properly built and set up overdrive transmission with lock up converter, custom built for your HP and vehicle 2) aftermarket 5 or 6 speed manual, complete swaps to minimize floor mods that “they” don’t tell you about.

We also stock product for the classic automatics in muscle cars and can build them back to stock properly for your restoration.  We also build Muncie M20-21-22 and BW Super T10 with some special machining to add seals to counter shaft to get rid of annoying leaks.

Please call or email to let us know what your need is.  And remember with our custom in house torque converter building we can make the total package.

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